Paddle dryer_reactor image

Paddle dryer/reactor

Liquid-laden solids from pasty to free-flowing consistency are dried with ZETTL paddle dryers in an energy-conscious, gentle and environmentally friendly manner.we supply slow and fast-running dryers for batch or continuous operation.

Conical dryer

Conical dryer

Cone mixers from ZETTL GmbH are manufactured with the utmost care and subjected to extensive testing. These measures guarantee precisely working machines that ensure trouble-free operation.

mixer granulators


Our mixers work according to the proven ZETTL-ETS® system and guarantee high mixing quality and product quality. They are used for a wide variety of tasks.

nutsche filter dryer

Nutsche/Filter dryer

Agitator nutsches are used for the mechanical solid-liquid separation of suspensions with low to high solids content. Suspensions are filtered in batches and the liquid can be separated mechanically by means of vacuum and pressure.

roller dryer

Roller dryer

Vacuum drum dryers are used for the thermal solid-liquid separation of solutions and suspensions of various consistencies and viscosities with low to high solid contents.

processing plants

Processing systems

Processing plants typically consist of a large number of process steps.